The Hamlet Farm: Glen Mary Grass-fed

Glen Mary Farm exclusively provides our beef & lamb production. They are a long-time trusted friend to Hamlet Meats and they provide the finest grass-fed animals on the East Coast.

Glen Mary Farm sits on 200 acres overlooking the St. Mary’s River in southern Maryland. For nearly a decade, Glen Mary Farm has been hard at work to return to its historic roots as a natural pasture-based beef ranch. 

In partnership with Glen Mary Farm, Hamlet Meats is committed to providing you with the highest standards of grass-fed meat. We practice holistic-grazing style of pioneers such as Allan Savory and Ian Mitchell-Innes, which maintains animal health and well-being, and creates a healthier environment.

All animals at Glen Mary farm have year-round access to a variety of free-choice minerals, and during the winter they are fed hay that has been raised on-site at Glen Mary Farm.

We do not use antibiotics or growth hormones. Ever.


Putting natural grass fed meat into your diet is a vital part of taking care of yourself. Hamlet Meats works with Soho Strength Lab to provide optimal fuel for your body.  The Hamlet family takes great pride in their meat because we know you take great pride in your body. Shares can be arranged as a pick up from the Soho Strength Lab with the added bonus of a $15 discount on your share. 

SoHo Strength Lab specializes in the highest quality personal training and group fitness instruction. They combine traditional strength training techniques with innovative athletic movement and metabolic conditioning. 

C.C.O. Consulting Group Inc.

C.C.O. Consulting Group Inc. is a NYC based firm that delivers and implements renegade culinary solutions for food and beverage programs.