We recently posted our own piece about the health of grass fed beef (read it here), but this video is an incredibly thorough and scientific look at the amazing health benefits of grass-fed beef.

Oh, we should also mention it was created by David Asprey, who is somewhat of a hero here at Hamlet...What? Meat companies can have celeb crushes, too, you know.

The Biggest Takeaway

Grass feeding cows entirely reverses the nutritional value of red meat. The fat is actually good for you!

Judgement Time

So, where does Hamlet rank in Asprey’s hierarchy?


Why not the Gold Standard, you ask?

Simple. Our partner farms are located in the Northeast. Where it gets cold during winter. The animals there have to spend time in a farm to stay warm and healthy. While they’re there, the best food we have to feed them is silage, or hay.


Yes, silage. But all of our silage or hay is completely organic, so the animals’ diets stay 100% pure.

See the whole post at Bulletproof’s website.

- Josh Ott
Founder, Hamlet Meats
Harlem, NY